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Fifth Judicial District of Iowa

Announcements, Orders, and District News

2019-39 Amended In Re: 2020 Court Holidays
2020-68 In Re: Court Duty for Additional Holidays in 2020
2020-67 In Re: Implementation of Informal Family Law Trial Program
2020-42 In Re: Administrative Directives for Resumption of Criminal Jury Trials for Polk County
2020-41 In Re: Face Coverings and Shields in the Warren County Court Facility
2020-40 In Re: Dallas County Courthouse Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols
2020-39 In Re:Covid-19 Administrative Directives For Polk County
2020-37: In Re: Non-Jury Weeks in Polk County
2020-36: In Re: COVID-19 Administrative Directives for the Polk County Courthouse Campus (This Order Replaces Administrative Orders 2020-26 and 2020-27)
2020-35: In Re: Resumption of Foreclosure Proceedings in the Fifth Judicial District
2020-30: In Re: Criminal Non-Jury Weeks in Polk County
2020-29: In Re: Kids First Workshop in Polk County
2020-28: In Re: Jail Court in Polk County
2020-25 In Re: Access to Warren County Court Facility
2020-24 In Re: Use of Online Parenting Classes

In Re Polk County Weekend Jail Court Schedule (Administrative Order 2018-15) June 26, 2018)

In Re: Assignment and Court Service Schedule in Judicial Election Districts 5A and 5B for 2018 (Amended Administrative Order 2017-47)

In Re: Polk County District Associate Judge Assignments for 2018 (Amended Administrative Order 2018-13)  May 15, 2018

In the Matter of Probate Referee Fees, Inheritance Tax Appraiser Fees, and Other Fees (Order dated April 11, 2018)

Appointment of Probate Referees and Fees, Inheritance Tax Appraiser Fees, and Other Fees (Order 2018-01 dated April 11, 2018)

In Re Temporary Closure of the Adams County Courthouse (Administrative Order 2018-8) March 29, 2018

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