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Judicial District:
Chief Judge:
Michael Huppert

Clerk of Court

500 Mulberry Street
Room 212
Des Moines, IA  50309
Phone: 515-561-5718
Fax: 515-323-5250

Case Scheduling

Colleen Adams

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District Court Administrator

Marques Wilson

Juvenile Court Office

222 5th Ave
Des Moines, IA  50309
Phone: 515-561-5680

Juror Information

Contact Information:

The Jury Clerk can be reached at 515-561-5813


Did you get a Summons to Jury Service in the mail?  Do you need to

  • update personal information,
  • check when you need to report for jury service,
  • submit a request for an excuse or deferral, or
  • select an alternate time to serve?

Click the Go to eJuror button to begin.

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Courthouse Directions

There are 2 buildings in the Courthouse Complex that have jury trials. The Polk County Courthouse is located on 5th & Mulberry Street, Des Moines, Iowa. The public entrance is on the west side of the building on 6th avenue. The wheelchair accessible entrance is on the north side of the building on Mulberry Street. The Criminal Courts Building is located at 110 6th Avenue, which is located directly across 6th Ave from the Historic Courthouse.

What to Wear to Court

Please report for jury service wearing respectable clothes.  As a general rule, business or business casual clothing is acceptable.  The following types of clothing are not suitable for court proceedings:  shorts, tube tops, halter tops, clothing that contain any obscene, suggestive or inflammatory print or images, and clothes that are overly dirty or ragged.

Where to Park

  1. The Center Street Parking Ramp address is: 830 6th Avenue. The entrance is on the east side of 7th St. between Crocker and Center St. You will turn left into the building and then stay to your right to enter the City (public) side of the parking ramp.
  2. There are two entrance lanes to the parking ramp. Parking is available on levels 1 through 5. Those vehicles that are taller than 6 foot 8 inches and shorter than 8 foot 3 inches may park in the basement section of the ramp. These vehicles will want to use the north entrance lane (left lane) and then will take another left as they enter past the entry gate to access the basement area of the ramp. Also, handicap parkers will want to use the basement area to park. There are 6 handicap spaces in the basement area. If spaces are not available in the basement there are additional handicap spaces in the parking ramp on levels 1 through 4.
    1. Remember: To take your parking ticket with you to the Polk County Court House to receive your voucher(s). You will need parking vouchers when you leave or you will have to pay.
    2. There are two elevators in the parking ramp and they are located at the south end of the facility. The elevators will bring all parkers to the ground level or (lower level) as marked on directional signage where the DART LINK shuttle bus is located.  All jurors will want to utilize the DART LINK shuttle bus system to and from the parking ramp.
  3. The DART LINK shuttle bus system departs every 15 minutes from the parking ramp. The DART LINK shuttle bus system hours of operation is Monday through Friday 5:30 am to 6:30 pm. 
  4. When you are ready to leave the parking ramp remember to have your parking ticket and voucher with you before you leave the ramp or you will have to pay.
  5. There are two exit lanes that you can use at this facility. Place the parking ticket into the Pay Machine first and then place your voucher(s) next. The gate will raise and you will exit to your left on to 6th St. heading northbound towards the I-235 freeway.
  6. There are other downtown Des Moines parking ramps you would be reimbursed for  (listed below), however, we are unsure if these are handicapped accessible or if they accommodate larger vehicles.  
    1. a. 210 Second Avenue Ramp  (entrance is on 3rd and Court);
    2.  b. 4th & Grand Ramp 
    3. c. EMC Ramp - 750 Mulberry Street 

Courthouse Security Information

For the protection of all who uses the Courthouse, all persons entering will pass through an airport style security metal detector.  No weapons of any type will be allowed inside the Polk County Courthouse.  This will include, but not be limited to the following items:  any and all types of firearms; all types of knives, including any size pocketknife or cutting instrument; any form of chemical agent such as mace, pepper spray or OC spray; Cat’s eyes or any other type of self-defense weapon commonly carried on key rings.  Anyone attempting to enter the courthouse while in possession of these or any other type of weapon will be asked to secure the item in a vehicle or location off the courthouse property prior to returning for admittance.

Jury Check-in Information

Report to either the Jury Lounge on the 4th floor of the Polk County Criminal Courts Building or the main floor of the Polk County Historic Courthouse. The call-in procedure information located on your jury summons postcard will direct you to which building you are to check in on your reporting date.

Absences / Emergencies

Should you or your family have an emergency during your jury service, leave a message with the Jury Clerk at 286-3769.  If a sudden illness or emergency prevents your attendance, please call the Jury Clerk at 515-561-5813.

Travel, Mileage, and Other Expenses

Jurors are reimbursed for travel to and from residence to the courthouse at a rate of .50 per mile as approved by the supreme court. If you do not know the mileage, you can look it up on


Pursuant to state law, you will be paid $30 a day for each day of your jury service up to seven days; $50 a day for eight or more days of service.  You may waive the right to compensation, which will help reduce the state’s cost of operating the court system. 

ADA Coordinator

Toni Stevens

THANKS!  On behalf of the Iowa Courts, thank you for performing this important service.  Jury service is one of the most important duties of citizenship.  This is your opportunity to participate in this fundamental and vital process of democracy.

Case Scheduling: 

        Polk County Civil Case Coordinator - Colleen Adams 515-561-5819
        Polk County Family Law Case Coordinator - Kelley Nickel 515-561-5869
        Polk County Felony Case Coordinator - Diane Cox 515-561-5914
        Polk County Misdemeanor Case Coordinator - Marci Gleason 515-561-5931
        Polk County Juvenile Case Coordinator - Kristina Ashby 515-561-5729
        All other District 5 counties other than Polk - Alissa Bowman 515-561-5819

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