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Probate and Guardianship Mediation

District 5 Probate/Juvenile Guardianship Mediators (November 29, 2021)

To be on the D5 Probate/Juvenile Guardianship Mediator list, mediators must have the following requirements:

General Probate Qualifications:

  • Must complete one-hour webinar or live session regarding the availability of external resources, mainly for the aging; AND
  • 25 hours minimum general mediation training; AND
  • One of the following:
    • 15 hours probate or elder specific mediation training; OR
    • 10 continuous years of practicing primarily in wills, trusts, and estate work (defined as having devoted the greater of 400 hours or 40% of your law practice to the field for 10 continuous years).

Juvenile Guardianship Mediator:

  • 40 Hours of family law mediation; AND
  • Must complete a one-hour session regarding guardianship procedures.

Application for Admission for Mediators Roster (DOC)

Attorneys interested in becoming a mediator in the Fifth Judicial District should contact:

Heather Fredericksen
[email protected]

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