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Miscellaneous Costs

Appointment of Probate Referees and Fees, Inheritance Tax Appraisers Fees, and Other Fees (March 20, 2018)


Probate Referee Fees

In accordance with Iowa Code 633.21, probate referee fees shall be allowed a fee for such service based on the gross assets of the estate listed in the probate inventory.


Total Assets Fee
Not Exceeding $10,000 $15.00
Between $10,001 to $25,000 $25.00
Exceeding $25,000 $35.00


Uniform Inheritance Tax Appraisal Fees

Inheritance tax appraisers appointed pursuant to Iowa Code Section 450.24 shall be compensated at an hourly rate of $50, for all time reasonably spent in appraisement activities, including necessary travel to view the property.  Mileage for travel shall be compensated at the then applicable per mile rate allowed to state employees.

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