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William S. Owens

Senior Judge: District 8A

William S. Owens

Judge William Owens was appointed as an Associate Juvenile Judge in January 1999. Judge Owens received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas in May 1981, and his Juris Doctor degree from Drake University Law School in May 1984. Prior to his appointed to the bench, Judge Owens was in private practice and also served as Monroe County Attorney from 1991 until 1998.

Judge Owens is co-chair of the Iowa Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee for Children's Justice; is a member of the State Council of the Iowa Supreme Court Commission for Children's Justice; is chair of the Juvenile Judge and Senior and Retired Judges Committees of the Iowa Judge’s Association; and is a member of the Iowa Judge’s Association Board of Directors.

In 2018 and 2022 Judge Owens was appointed by Governor Kim Reynolds to the Iowa Child Advocacy Board which oversees CASA and Foster Care Review Boards in Iowa, and in March 2022 Judge Owens was selected as Chair of the board.

Judge Owens is a member of the Iowa Judges Association and National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

Judge Owens and his wife Heidi reside in Ottumwa, Iowa. They have three daughters and four grandchildren. Judge Owens is an avid runner and has competed in nine marathons.

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