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Advisory Committees

Child Support Guidelines Review Committee

Federal law requires all states to review their child support guidelines every four years to ensure that application of the guidelines results in appropriate child support award amounts. These are the members of the 2016 committee.

Committee Members
Honorable Eliza Ovrom, Fifth Judicial District, Des Moines, co-chair
Marlis J. Robberts, Attorney, Burlington, co-chair
Assistant Attorney General Wayne Bergman, Des Moines
Honorable Thomas A. Bitter, First Judicial District, Dubuque
Eric Borseth, Attorney, Altoona
Honorable Susan Christensen, Fourth Judicial District, Harlan
Jill M. Davis, Attorney, Spencer
Assistant Attorney General Kevin E. Kaufman, Davenport
Honorable Chad A. Kepros, Sixth Judicial District, Iowa City
Steven H. Lytle, Attorney, Des Moines
Evelyn Ocheltree, Attorney, Legal Aid, Mason City
Dennis R. Ringgenberg, Attorney, Sioux City
DeShawne Bird Sell, Attorney, Glenwood
Alison Werner Smith, Attorney, Des Moines
John Wood, Attorney, Waterloo

Probate Procedures and Forms

Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Probate Procedures and Forms 

This committee studies Iowa's rules of probate procedure, recommends new rules and practices, and develops forms and instructions to be used by self-represented individuals in probate cases. 

Committee Members Term Ends
Associate Probate Judge Craig Block, Des Moines, co-chair 9/30/2019
Ann McCrea, North Liberty, co-chair 9/30/2018
Honorable Kathleen Kilnoski, Council Bluffs 9/30/2018
Leisa Imboden, Guthrie Center 9/30/2018
Tyler Eason, Des Moines 9/30/2018
HonorableStuart Werling, Davenport  9/30/2018
Johnna Ihns-Sutton, Dubuque 9/30/2019
Breanna Young, Earlham 9/30/2019
Elaine Gray, Ft. Madison 9/30/2019

Rules of Civil Procedure

This committee reviews and recommends changes to the Iowa Rules of Civil Procedure.

Committee Members Term Ends
Victoria Herring, Des Moines, co-chair 9/30/2018
Tim Bottaro, Sioux City, co-chair 9/30/2020
Patrick Bauer, Iowa City 9/30/2018
Rebecca Nelson, Sioux City 9/30/2018
Honorable Kellyann Lekar 9/30/2018
Bethany Currie, Marshalltown 9/30/2019
Joseph Goedken, Ottumwa 9/30/2019
Greg Lederer, Cedar Rapids 9/30/2020
Honorable Marlita Greve 9/30/2020
Donna Miller, Des Moines 9/30/2020
Jason Steffens, Cedar Rapids 9/30/2018
Paul Burns, Iowa City 9/30/2020
Heather Carlson, Davenport 9/30/2020
Patrick Bauer, Iowa City 9/30/2018

Rules of Criminal Procedure

This committee reviews and recommends changes to the Iowa Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Committee Members Term Ends
Aaron Hawbaker, Des Moines, co-chair 9/30/2018
Honorable Myron Gookin, Fairfield, co-chair 9/30/2020
Honorable Thomas Bitter, Dubuque 9/30/2020
Honorable DeDra Schroeder, Osage 9/30/2018
Honorable Linda Fangman, Waterloo 9/30/2020
Jaki Livingston, Des Moines 9/30/2018
Darin Raymond, LeMars 9/30/2019
Gerald Feuerhelm, Des Moines 9/30/2019
Megan Corbin, Davenport 9/30/2019
Alfred Willett, Cedar Rapids 9/30/2019
Jonathan Stensvaag, Burlington 9/30/2018
Aaron Rogers, Des Moines 9/30/2018
Mary Conroy, Ft. Dodge 9/30/2020

Rules of Juvenile Procedure

This committee reviews and recommends changes to the Iowa Rules of Juvenile Procedure.

Committee Members Term Ends
Kevin Maughan, Albia, co-chair 9/30/2018
Honorable Deborah Minot,Iowa City, co-chair 9/30/2020
Honorable Kellyann Lekar, Waterloo 9/30/2020
Honorable Thomas Straka, Dubuque 9/30/2018
Honorable Stephanie Forker Parry, Sioux City 9/30/2018
Kimberly Ayotte, Des Moines 9/30/2018
Kate Hahn, Waterloo  9/30/2018
Honorable Susan Christensen, Harlan 9/30/2020
Andrea Vitzthum, Des Moines 9/30/2020
Roberta Megel, Council Bluffs 9/30/2019
Cole Mayer, Waukee 9/30/2019
Kimberly Auge, Ft. Madison 9/30/2019
Honorable Colin J. Witt, Des Moines 9/30/2019
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