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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
22-1188 Wright State v. Brown
23-0300 Polk Koester v. Eyerly Ball CMHS
23-0439 Polk Principal Securities, Inc. v. Gelbman
23-0579 Polk In re J.V.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
21-1893 Polk State v. Bol
22-0499 Story Spellman v. State
22-1103 Grundy State v. Lang
22-1170 Polk Richardson v. State
22-1450 Scott Estate of Lewis v. Looney
22-1485 Mahaska State v. Hols
22-1725 Polk In re Marriage of Bast
22-1837 Polk Reasby v. District Court
22-1847 Pottawattamie In re Marriage of Fichter
22-1864 Scott State v. Harker
22-1969 Hamilton State v. Johnson
22-2000 Scott Lewis v. State
22-2015 Hancock State v. Thompson
22-2029 Polk State v. Gates
22-2056 Polk State v. Taylor
22-2061 Des Moines State v. Scott
22-2079 Polk State v. Deng
23-0256 Muscatine State v. Quiroz
23-0289 Pottawattamie Stokes v. Murillo
23-0297 Des Moines State v. Myers
23-0302 Polk Thompson v. State
23-0420 Allamakee State v. Yoder
23-0431 Scott Smith v. State
23-0474 Polk Yarges v. State
23-0502 Polk Williams v. State
23-0646 Black Hawk State v. Cobbs
23-0766 Story State v. Chotkuac
23-0788 Woodbury State v. Jackson
23-1300 Story State v. Garner
24-0111 Ringgold In re F.W
24-0231 Polk In re Y.G. and D.G.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
21-1425 Decatur State v. Greenland
22-0023 Polk State v. Brown
22-0071 Johnson State v. Little
22-0719 Black Hawk State v. Williams
22-0861 Scott State v. Lloyd
22-1110 Johnson State v. Kelly
22-1370 Des Moines King v. State
22-1596 Polk Brown v. State
22-1625 Humboldt Wagner v. State
22-1666 Black Hawk State v. Stone
22-1681 Polk State v. Fenton
22-1793 Jasper Foster v. State
22-1797 Hamilton Blue Verbrugge Family Farms v. Hamilton Co. Bd. of Sup.
22-1971 Woodbury Christiansen v. Eral
23-0084 Linn State v. Gaston
23-0087 Muscatine State v. Heims
23-0124 Clinton Tate v. State
23-0563 Scott State v. Purdy
23-0596 Webster Ruby v. Sheehan
23-0772 Dickinson Country View Acres Homeowners v. Dickinson County
23-0776 Winneshiek State v. Whittle
23-0819 Black Hawk State v. Berg
23-1886 Scott State v. Hill
24-0355 Appanoose In re I.T.
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