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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
21-1617 Delaware State v. Krogmann
22-0553 Washington State v. Rutherford
22-0684 Worth Hagen v. Serta/Nat'l Bedding Co., LLC
22-1456 Scott In re K.A.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
21-1427 Polk Mott v. State
21-1445 Johnson State v. Hivento
21-1812 Johnson State v. Maldonado
21-1831 Dallas Walmart, Inc. v. Dallas Cnty. Bd. of Review
21-1861 Polk Yousif v. Iowa Workforce Dev.
21-1863 Linn In re Estate of Archibald
22-0064 Polk Ockenfels v. State
22-0169 Polk In re Marriage of Lewis
22-0190 Scott State v. Mootz
22-0231 Dubuque State v. Swift
22-0341 Polk Manatt's, Inc. v. Tanam Real Estate LLC
22-0368 Winneshiek Lensing v. Lundtvedt
22-0388 Webster In re Estate of Johnson
22-0504 Jasper Petty v. Kouris
22-0554 Crawford State v. Robles
22-0612 Lee South State v. Meeks
22-0698 Webster State v. Gifford
22-0711 Dallas Bishop v. State
22-0716 Story Grove v. Clinic Bldg. Co., Inc.
22-0814 Scott Jenkins v. State
22-0826 Polk WH Dev. LLC v. Polk Cnty. Bd. of Review
22-0916 Des Moines Hogan v. State
22-0944 Scott State v. Skipper
22-1016 Scott State v. Carter
22-1037 Polk In re K.L.
22-1875 Polk In re G.C. and L.C.
23-0252 Clarke In re D.R., W.R., R.R., and G.Y.
23-0352 Marion In re J.R. and L.R.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
21-1108 Scott State v. Jarrett
21-1363 Polk State v. Maldonado
21-1775 Cerro Gordo State v. Despenas
21-1900 Polk Starbuck v. McCleary
22-0162 Delaware State v. Harbach
22-0206 Des Moines State v. Edwards
22-0337 Polk State v. Hennings
22-0471 Polk MidAm. Constr. LLC v. Sandlin
22-0492 Black Hawk State v. Smith
22-0659 Black Hawk State v. Phillips
22-0843 Scott State v. Hunt
22-0848 Wapello Sundance Land Co. v. Remmark
22-0940 Lee North In re L.H.
22-1031 Des Moines State v. Crews
22-1032 Mitchell Lindaman v. State
22-1267 Wayne Benge v. Lautenbach
22-1539 Scott State v. Whittinghill
22-1816 Polk In re B.B.
22-1984 Polk In re S.T. and T.R.
23-0433 Polk In re J.F.
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