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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
19-0241 Kossuth NCJC, Inc. v. WMG, L.C.
19-0767 Linn Rieder v. Segal
19-1285 Warren Doss v. State

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
18-1765 Polk Johnson v. State
18-2010 Scott State v. Deaton
19-0033 Scott In re Marriage of Fitzpatrick
19-0126 Osceola Sibley State Bank v. Zylstra
19-0156 Polk Manatt’s Inc. v. Tanam Real Estate
19-0204 Scott State v. Jackson
19-0335 Guthrie Adams v. Long Branch Maintenance Corp.
19-0465 Pottawattamie Legear v. State
19-0517 Story Gilson v. State
19-0720 Des Moines State v. Russell
19-0902 Montgomery Rolenc v. Rolenc
19-0912 Chickasaw State v. Williams
19-0973 Black Hawk Daniels v. State
19-0975 Black Hawk Penticoff v. State
19-1088 Floyd State v. Lindaman
19-1196 Pottawattamie Poyner v. State
19-1197 Polk Covington v. Reynolds
19-1594 Carroll Petersen v. Huehn
19-1720 Polk James v. State
19-1791 Des Moines State v. Clopton
19-1846 Polk In re Marriage of Sullins
19-1916 Pottawattamie Maddox v. State
19-1918 Polk State v. Jeffrey
20-0099 Plymouth In re A.O. and K.O.
20-0228 Scott In re Marriage of Milne
20-0415 Polk In re T.M.
20-0428 Harrison In re M.S. and E.S.
20-0725 Des Moines In re D.W. and T.W.
20-0898 Mahaska In re N.M.
20-0951 Polk In re E.C.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
18-1086 Clinton State v. Doran
18-1826 Polk State v. Leachman
18-2057 Polk State v. Ani Kur
19-0283 Story State v. Kuuttila
19-0356 Scott Long v. State
19-0378 Jasper State v. Case
19-0379 Scott State v. Thomas
19-0395 Jasper State v. Retman
19-0398 Buena Vista Smith v. State
19-0692 Linn Transgrud v. Leer
19-0875 Dickinson Poller v. Okoboji Classic Cars, LLC
19-0890 Polk State v. Henricksen
19-1098 Polk Johnson v. State
19-1103 Linn State v. Sousley
19-1162 Warren Holmes v. Pomeroy
19-1174 Floyd State v. Round
19-1217 Cass State v. Shrimpton
19-1335 Decatur McGee v. State
19-1538 Black Hawk State v. Sallay
19-1561 Cerro Gordo State v. Fetner
19-1873 Polk State v. Odhung
19-1960 Boone State v. Olson
20-0678 Polk In re E.H.
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