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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
19-0454 Clinton State v. Boothby

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
18-0695 Black Hawk Claybon v. State
18-1253 Scott Ware v. State
18-1434 Scott Shuford v. Dist. Ct.
18-1764 Dallas Boruch v. State
18-1988 Black Hawk State v. Brown
18-2178 Woodbury Bizzett v. State
19-0157 Black Hawk Wilder v. State
19-0316 Polk State v. Sims
19-0349 Story Palensky v. Story Cty. Bd. of Adjustment
19-0793 Story Risdal v. State
19-0943 Polk Bruss v. Grout Scouts
19-1047 Scott State v. Cardona
19-1260 Polk Faraj v. Faraj
19-1465 Black Hawk Demery v. State
19-1833 Warren In re A.N.
19-1840 Pottawattamie In re A.R. and M.R.
20-0310 Clay In re C.P.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
18-1032 Black Hawk Pendleton v. State
18-1465 Jackson Koncel v. State
18-1467 Black Hawk Holmes v. State
18-1839 Wright State v. Miller State v. Johnson
18-2093 Dubuque Mayton v. State
18-2162 Polk State v. Schuldt
18-2176 Polk State v. Miller
18-2189 Polk Hilson v. State
18-2236 Polk State v. Domenig
19-0087 Polk State . Stoner
19-0214 Linn State v. Davis
19-0252 Black Hawk State v. Mayes
19-0305 Buchanan State v. McConnelee
19-0322 Pottawattamie Thompson v. State
19-0375 Dubuque Blakeman v. State
19-0506 Clay Rouse v. State
19-0726 Webster Long v. State
19-0774 Van Buren State v. Brewington
19-0925 Polk State v. Elamin
19-0977 Polk State v. Ware
19-1013 Scott State v. Carter
19-1037 Scott In re Marriage of Drenter
19-1038 Scott Miller v. Scott Cty. Bd. of Review
19-1043 Woodbury State v. Corey
19-1240 Scott State v. Beck
19-1431 Floyd In re K.C.
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