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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
17-0908 Woodbury Susie v. Family Health Care of Siouxland, P.L.C.
17-1650 Linn Olutunde v. Iowa Department of Human Servs.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
16-1489 Polk State v. Lopez
17-0852 Johnson State v. Klinkkammer
17-0877 Dubuque Swan v. State
17-1194 Black Hawk State v. Heggebo
17-1369 Polk State v. Landis
17-1426 Buchanan State v. Chamberlain
17-1605 Pottawattamie Weiss v. State
17-1621 Des Moines Black v. State
17-1703 Pottawattamie Kane v. State
17-1816 Story State v. Jackson
17-1821 Scott Bell v. State
17-1833 Scott State v. Sanchez
17-1868 Pottawattamie Wheeldon v. State
17-1962 Woodbury State v. Stark
18-0321 Black Hawk Abdic v. State
18-0419 Polk In re Marriage of Neils
18-0523 Scott State v. Erwin
18-1249 Black Hawk In re K.C. and S.M.
18-1959 Clayton In re A.K.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
17-0030 Polk Brown v. State
17-0806 Polk Byrd v. State
17-1001 Tama Morrison v. Grundy Cty. Rural Elec. Coop.
17-1075 Polk State v. Heard
17-1087 Clay State v. Mosley
17-1100 Polk J.G. v. Hohenshell
17-1213 Pottawattamie Vezeau-Crouch v. Abraham
17-1269 Pottawattamie Hiatt v. State
17-1317 Polk UHCP v. Iowa Dep't of Pub. Health
17-1351 Johnson State v. Curry
17-1361 Carroll Schneider v. State
17-1460 Story State v. Swenson
17-1503 Polk Dunlap v. AID Inc.
17-1545 Polk Pella Corp. v. Winn
17-1640 Scott State v. Crawford
17-1680 Black Hawk Reed v. State
17-1692 Des Moines State v. Chew
17-1697 Bremer State v. Tournier
17-1727 Boone State v. Steenhoek
17-1745 Polk Krapf v. Rastetter
17-1806 Scott State v. Dieckmann
17-1838 Appanoose State v. Weston
17-1922 Louisa Cupps v. S&J Tube
17-1927 Black Hawk State v. Bailey
17-1965 Polk Shearon v. State
17-1975 Polk State v. Inman
17-1992 Polk McCleary v. City of Des Moines
17-2037 Des Moines State v. Morris
18-0007 Johnson Zamora v. State
18-0121 Pottawattamie Devers v. State
18-0160 Hancock State v. Jacobs
18-0185 Johnson Borjas v. State
18-0217 Story State v. Poster
18-0244 Scott State v. Williams
18-0255 Black Hawk State v. Wilcox
18-0266 Floyd State v. McIntyre
18-0274 Harrison State v. Jones
18-0351 Woodbury State v. Perry
18-0368 Warren State v. Finck
18-0440 Black Hawk State v. Apfel
18-0473 Scott Buckner v. Great Southern Bancorp
18-0585 Marshall State v. Simpson
18-0590 Cerro Gordo In re Estate of Jordan
18-0651 Pottawattamie State v. Cooper
18-0729 Cerro Gordo In re Marriage of Rockwell
18-0731 Warren State v. Finck
18-0792 Linn D.E. v. Dep't of Human Servs.
18-0818 Cerro Gordo State v. Schultz
18-1251 Wapello In re B.H. & J.R.
18-1364 Muscatine In re P.J. & D.J.
18-1659 Dallas In re M.D.
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