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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
19-1506 Scott State v. Crawford
19-1981 Muscatine State v. Cahill
20-0076 Linn In re Marriage of Hutchinson
20-0156 Floyd State v. Davis
20-0257 Marshall State v. Wilbourn
20-0837 Polk Sioux City Truck Sales, Inc. v. Iowa Dep’t of Transp.
20-0963 Polk Carreras v. Iowa Dep’t of Transp.
21-0569 Woodbury In re L.B.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
12-1318 Clinton State v. Reicks
19-0775 Black Hawk State v. Roig Gonzales
19-1376 Scott State v. Nicholson
19-1754 Polk State v. Burton
19-1755 Black Hawk Hoffert v. State
19-1759 Polk Pesicka v. Snap-On Logistics Co.
19-1902 Polk State v. Triplett
19-1980 Delaware Kuehl v. Sellner
19-2072 Polk Sanchez v. State
20-0020 Polk Auto Owners Ins. Co. v. Rosas
20-0045 Polk Thomas v. State
20-0073 Black Hawk State v. Patterson
20-0085 Cass State v. Chapalonis
20-0125 Greene Ruth v. State
20-0158 Webster State v. King
20-0201 Linn State v. Brown
20-0259 Scott Enderle v. State
20-0297 Jasper Poweshiek Twp. v. Gannon
20-0329 Polk Smith v. State
20-0737 Marshall State v. Emanuel
20-0801 Polk Munoz-Gonzales v. State
20-0874 Black Hawk State v. Webber
20-0966 Johnson Peppers v. State
20-0973 Linn Turner v CCRC of Cedar Rapids, L.L.C.
20-0985 Plymouth Schmitt v. Floyd Valley Healthcare
20-1048 Dubuque State v. Gruel
20-1056 Polk Stone v. State
20-1073 Benton In re Marriage of Potter
20-1094 Black Hawk Cufurovic v. Tyson Foods, Inc.
20-1109 Scott Turner v. State
20-1123 Black Hawk State v. Edwards
20-1186 Polk Doe v. Iowa Bd. of Med.
20-1200 Scott State v. Dennis
20-1210 Linn Turner v. CCRC of Cedar Rapids, LLC
20-1212 Linn Bice v. Wells
20-1245 Marion In re Estate of Kloster
20-1251 Chickasaw Voves v. Hansen
20-1269 Polk Smith v. TPI Iowa, LLC
20-1405 Pottawattamie State v. Huntoon
20-1674 Polk In re S.H. and S.G.
20-1704 Warren In re Marriage of Miller
21-0221 Polk In re E.D.
21-0375 Polk In re A.C. and A.C.
21-0629 Polk In re M.W.
21-0675 Warren In re T.F.-G.
21-0788 Black Hawk In re K.M., E.T., J.K., and J.K.
21-0802 Webster In re J.B.
21-0810 Warren In re C.R. and G.R.
21-0833 Crawford In re T.M., M.M., and D.M.
21-0937 Pottawattamie In re L.B.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
19-0524 Des Moines Ripperger v. State
19-1242 Linn Robinson v. State
19-1333 Warren State v. Daugharthy
19-1602 Polk Chancellor v. State
19-1619 Dubuque State v. Faison
19-1624 Webster State v. Gully
19-1639 Scott State v. Farmer
19-1660 Polk Hayes v. District Court
19-1810 Lee South State v. McCain
19-2034 Allamakee In re Estate of Troendle
19-2086 Pottawattamie Hoffman v. Clark
20-0077 Linn State v. Brocks
20-0117 Scott State v. Jones
20-0408 Polk State v. Daugherty
20-0447 Polk Gordon v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
20-0674 Polk Ramirez v. State
20-0683 Polk Andersen v. Khanna
20-0752 Polk State v. Bomar
20-0754 Jones State v. Edwards
20-0766 Dubuque A.Y. McDonald Indus., Inc. v. McDonald
20-0769 Polk Am. Home Assurance v. Liberty Mut. Fire Ins. Co.
20-0869 Jasper State v. Khan
20-0903 Harrison State v. Gundersen
20-0972 Linn Borst Bros. Constr., Inc. v. Thomas Dostal Devs., Inc.
20-1112 Story Cory v. State
20-1127 Dallas State v. Denzin
20-1142 Woodbury State v. Britcher
20-1151 Woodbury State v. Frazier
20-1181 Polk State v. Ritchie
20-1339 Polk Stockdall v. State
20-1347 Black Hawk State v. Burkett Brown
20-1506 Des Moines State v. Kershner
20-1612 Lee South State v. Spurgeon
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