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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
18-0733 Dubuque State v. Buelow
18-1215 Polk State v. Shackford
18-1464 Polk Dix v. Casey’s General Stores
19-0002 Polk Woods v. Charles Gabus Ford, Inc.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
17-1718 Scott State v. Brocksieck
18-0842 Washington North Skunk River Greenbest Ass’n v. Allen
18-1373 Louisa State v. Barker
18-1466 Page White v. State
18-1893 Muscatine State v. Hering
18-1956 Black Hawk State v. Tillman
18-2052 Polk State v. Smith
18-2147 Guthrie Capstone Grp., Inc. v. Guthrie Cty. Bd. of Review
18-2171 Warren State v. Howard
19-0080 Linn Forex Israel, VP Ltd. v. Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
19-0093 Polk Fahrney v. City of Des Moines
19-0768 Warren In re Marriage of Luethje
19-1151 Polk In re A.R.
19-1732 Polk In re N.G.
19-1946 Woodbury In re K.W., K.W., A.M., and D.M
19-2092 Polk In re A.D.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
18-0374 Polk State v. Marcelino
18-0511 Scott State v. Levy
18-0605 Polk State v. Thurman
18-1176 Woodbury State v. Anderson
18-1341 Cerro Gordo State v. Beach
18-1342 Dickinson State v. Swanson
18-1527 Greene State v. Exline
18-1545 Story Terry v. Dorothy
18-1549 Scott State v. Thomas
18-1583 Warren State v. Hill
18-1638 Howard State v. Weigert
18-1781 Polk State v. Zimmerman
18-1825 Clarke State v. Comly
18-2224 Scott State v. Boyd
19-0057 Pottawattamie Andreesen v. Chi., Cent. & Pac. R.R. Co.
19-0066 Polk State v. Calhoun
19-0082 Lee North State v. Southideth-Whitten
19-0085 Jackson State v. Boothby
19-0147 Carroll In re Marriage of Kohorst
19-0180 Cerro Gordo State v. Wright
19-0431 Black Hawk No Boundry LLC v. Hoosman
19-0464 Lee North State v. Manning
19-0658 Jasper In re D.C.
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