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Further Review Orders

Below is the further review status since our last report.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
21-0618 Warren Estate of Henkelman v. Bean
22-0038 Dubuque Pitz v. US Cellular Operating Co. of Dubuque

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
20-1456 Des Moines State v. Spann
21-0012 Pottawattamie Long v. State
21-0060 Hancock State v. Cruz Ayabarreno
21-0247 Lee North State v. Vice
21-0555 Appanoose Cmty. 1st Credit Union v. Hart
21-0592 Dallas Anyuon v. State
21-0648 Linn Olds v. State
21-0707 Pottawattamie State v. Carr
21-0715 Polk State v. Dowell
21-0795 Linn State v. Jackson Thomas
21-0803 Polk State v. Michael
21-0923 Hamilton State v. Bassett
21-1024 Polk State v. Simmons
21-1100 Des Moines State v. Davis
21-1162 Polk Patrick v. State
21-1173 Webster State v. Hurdel
21-1222 Marshall Ramirez v. State
21-1305 Allamakee In re Det. of Barr
21-1311 Black Hawk Reed v. State
21-1325 Story State v. Hunter
21-1383 Black Hawk State v. Definbaugh
21-1391 Polk Fountain v. State
21-1449 Dallas State v. Thurston
21-1624 Cedar State v. Serrano
21-1643 Cerro Gordo State v. Hovenga
21-1713 Hardin State v. Ryan
21-1730 Muscatine State v. Nebinger
21-1734 Emmet State v. Betsinger
21-1742 Woodbury State v. Belk
21-1847 Muscatine Hering v. State
22-0096 Dubuque Willman v. Ellerbach
22-0141 Johnson In re Marriage of Dorsey
22-0181 Dubuque State v. Alvarenga
22-0221 Lyon In re Marriage of Banister
22-0267 Cerro Gordo State v. Pearce
22-0304 Clinton In re Marriage of Makela
22-0594 Hardin Alibrahimy v. Massengale
22-0644 Marshall State v. Hayden
22-0767 Scott State v. Palmer
22-1482 Marion In re L.R. and J.R.
22-1533 Floyd In re X.M. and B.M.
22-1551 Butler In re A.R.
22-1620 Linn In re J.H.
22-1771 Black Hawk In re D.I., A.I., A.I., and A.I.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
21-0904 Scott Evans v. State
21-1150 Emmet State v. Dewbre
21-1772 Polk State v. Williams
21-1934 Polk Knaeble v. John Deere Dubuque Works
22-0127 Polk Werts v. Iowa Bd. of Parole
22-0470 Polk In re O.S.
22-0573 Polk In re C.M., R.M., and A.M.
22-0953 Black Hawk In re L.S. and J.S.
22-1231 Black Hawk In re T.D. and T.D.
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