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Further Review Orders

Below are Further Review Orders dated December 4, 2018.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Granted.

Number County Case Name
16-2148 Scott Milas v. Society Ins.
17-0784 Polk State v. West
17-1149 Story Ames 2304, LLC v. City of Ames, Zoning Bd.
17-1934 Pottawattamie Mumm v. Jennie Edmundson Mem'l Hosp.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Denied.

Number County Case Name
17-0117 Polk State v. Asbury
17-0335 Polk Andrews v. State
17-0410 Boone State v. Haase
17-0570 Dubuque State v. Hall
17-0624 Marshall State v. Plettenberg
17-0680 Woodbury State v. Wanatee
17-0693 Osceola Estate of Steensma
17-0695 Black Hawk State v. Buchanan
17-0716 Johnson Waddell v. Univ. of Iowa Cmty. Med. Servs.
17-0727 Webster State v. Gully
17-0839 Mills Puckett v. State
17-0889 Scott In re Marriage of Hansen
17-0971 Cerro Gordo Tamayo v. Debrah
17-1160 Pottawattamie Armstrong v. State
17-1193 Scott State v. Lewis-El
17-1365 Polk State v. Archibald
17-1557 Jackson Brown v. State
17-1653 Poweshiek State v. Phipps
17-1695 Page In re C.T.
17-1729 Lee South State v. Riddle
17-1752 Plymouth State v. Villareal
17-1766 Warren State v. Shultsev
17-1807 Pocahontas In re Marriage of Olson
17-1916 Dubuque Trausch v. Dep't of Human Resources
17-1933 Polk Lack v. State
18-0015 Sac In re R.S. and L.S.
18-0203 Muscatine Brown v. Irwin
18-0247 Polk In re M.B.
18-0265 Polk State v. Cooper
18-0372 Black Hawk State v. Jordan
18-0444 Cerro Gordo State v. Pena
18-1390 Cerro Gordo In re T.M.
18-1425 Cedar In re J.H.

The following table contains review orders with the status of Under Consideration by the Court.

Number County Case Name
15-1766 Jefferson Anderson v. Anderson Tooling
16-1066 Des Moines State v. Osborn
16-1425 Black Hawk State v. Zacharias
16-1855 Linn Thigpen v. State
17-0030 Polk Brown v. State
17-0387 Delaware Cole v. State
17-0622 Black Hawk State v. Baker
17-0717 Buchanan State v. Shannon
17-0741 Linn Lucas v. District Court
17-0806 Polk Byrd v. State
17-0852 Johnson State v. Klinkkammer
17-0978 Jefferson State v. Murphy
17-1018 Polk Gerth v. Iowa Bus. Growth, Inc.
17-1087 Clay State v. Mosley
17-1185 Story State v. Maxfield
17-1189 Buchanan State v. Ewalt
17-1253 Jasper Benford v. State
17-1333 Scott State v. Tennant
17-1588 Polk State v. Kephart
17-1693 Union State v. Dunphy
17-1727 Boone State v. Steenhoek
17-1811 Polk DeAngelo v. Duke Aerial, Inc.
17-1860 Polk Gerth v. Iowa Bus. Growth, Inc.
17-1883 Scott State v. Harrington
17-1898 Black Hawk State v. Jenkins
17-1964 Clinton Konrardy v. Vincent Angerer Trust
17-2045 Polk State v. Brown
17-2100 Black Hawk State v. Shadlow
18-0253 Henry State v. Ledesma
18-1216 Plymouth In re E.R.
18-1375 Linn In re L.T., A.T. & D.T.
18-1558 Polk In re J.M.
18-1595 Polk In re T.J.
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