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Pending Cases

Cases Retained by the Supreme Court

Case Number County Case Name
19-1640 Lewis v. Howard L. Allen Inves., Inc.
19-1724 Buboltz v. Birusingh
19-1790 Barkalow v. Clark
19-2121 Toney v. Parker
20-0023 Andrew v. Hamilton Cty. Pub. Hosp.
20-0135 Rumsey v. Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.
20-0202 State v. Hahn
20-0545 Colwell v. MCNA Ins. Co.
19-0838 State of Iowa v. Zacarias
19-1721 Fortune v. State of Iowa
19-1954 Godfrey v. State of Iowa
19-2078 Kostoglanis v. Yates
20-0353 Becher v. State of Iowa
20-0401 State v. Bear
20-0477 Sand v. Doe
20-0575 Iowa Ass’n of Business & Industry v. City of Waterloo
20-0698 EMC Ins. Group, Inc. v. Shepard
20-0710 Rilea v. State of Iowa
20-0335 State v. Holmes
20-0343 Lukken v. Century, Inc.
20-0445 State v. Sewell
20-0822 Williams v. Bullock
20-1027 Xenia Rural Water Dist. v. City of Johnston
20-1371 In re C.Z.
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