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Supreme Court Expected List

Iowa Supreme Court expects to file opinions in two cases on Friday, January 14, 2022.

20–0371   State v. Wilson

Edna Wilson seeks further review of the court of appeals opinion affirming her convictions for interference with official acts and possession of cocaine.  Iowa Code §§ 719.1, 124.401(5).  The court of appeals concluded the new-crime exception applied to this case because even assuming the fourth amendment was violated when the officers entered Wilson’s home and arrested her, when Wilson resisted arrest she created probable cause that she was committing a new crime.  Thus, the officer were provided with lawful grounds to arrest Wilson inside her apartment, and her motion to suppress evidence was properly denied.

20–1034    In re Guardianship of L.Y.

The paternal grandparents appealed the termination of their guardianship over their grandchild, L.Y.  The court of appeals reversed and remanded, concluding termination of the guardianship was harmful to the child and that the child's interest in continuing the guardianship outweighed the mother's interest as a parent. In doing so, the court of appeals determined the recently enacted Iowa Minor Guardianship Proceedings Act, which governs these proceedings, does not include a parental preference. 

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