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Supreme Court Expected List

Iowa Supreme Court Opinions
Expected to be filed April 20, 2018

16–0851  State v. Crooks

Noah Crooks appeals from his conviction for second-degree murder in violation of Iowa Code section 707.3 (2011).  Crooks contends Iowa Code section 232.45(7)(a) does not provide statutory authority to try a thirteen-year-old as a youthful offender.  Even if the Code authorizes such a prosecution, he contends the youthful offender statutes violate article I, section 17 of the Iowa Constitution.  Crooks further argues the sentencing court abused its discretion in failing to consider all sentencing options, in failing to consider the Miller factors on the record, and in imposing incarceration. 

15–1815  Moon v. State

Martin Shane Moon is seeking further review after the court of appeals affirmed the district court’s summary dismissal of his second application for postconviction relief based on the three-year statute of limitations.  Moon argued that he recently received information from a person named Brandon Lee Boone, whose affidavit admitted he lied to police implicating Moon in the murder, and which justified the late filing of his PCR application.  The court of appeals concluded that even if the alleged ground of fact could not have been raised earlier, the ground of fact lacks the necessary nexus with the conviction. 

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