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April 2023 Archive | Supreme Court Oral Argument Schedule

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 7:00 PM

Perry High School auditorium. 1200 18th Street, Perry

Case Number Case Parties Attorneys
21-0831Oral State of Iowa, ex rel, Attorney General of Iowa v. Travis Autor, Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging Institutes of Omaha, LLC, and Omaha Stem Cells, LLC
Attorneys for the Appellee
Brenna Bird
Amy Licht
William Pearson
J. Andrew Cederdahl
Attorneys for the Appellant
Mark E. Weinhardt
David N. Fautsch
Nathan D.B. Converse

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 9:00 AM

Case Number Case Parties Attorneys
22-2036Oral Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Inc., Emma Goldman Clinic, and Jill Meadows, v. Kim Reynolds, ex rel. State of Iowa, and Iowa Board of Medicine,
Attorneys for the Appellee
Rita Bettis Austen
Peter Im
Diana Salgado
Caitlin Slessor
Samuel E. Jones
Attorneys for the Appellant
Samuel P. Langholz
Eric Wessan
Thomas J. Ogden
Alan R. Ostergren
Christopher P. Schandevel
John J. Bursch
Denise M. Harle
22-1190Oral Story County Wind, LLC v. Story County Board of Review
Attorneys for the Appellant
Brant D. Kahler
Cynthia Boyle Lande
Attorneys for the Appellee
Timothy C. Meals
Ethan P. Anderson
Joshua A. Duden
22-0243Oral Larry R. Hedlund v. State Of Iowa, K. Brian London, Commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Individually; Charis M. Paulson, Director of Criminal Investigation, Individually; Gerard F. Meyers, Assistant Director Division of Criminal Investigation, Individually
Attorneys for the Plaintiff
Thomas J. Duff
Jim Duff
Roxanne Barton Conlin
Attorneys for the Defendant
Jeffrey C. Peterzalek
William R. Pearson
22-1257Non-Oral Mary Kathryn C. Wallace v. Kristin W. Wildensee
Attorney for the Appellant
Constance Peschang Stannard
Attorney for the Appellee
Hilary Strayer
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