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Case No. 18-0335

Doug Ommen and Dan Watkins
Milliman, Inc., Kimberley Hiemenz, and Michael Strum

In litigation brought by the liquidators of a failed insurance company against an actuarial and consulting firm that had provided services to the company under a contract containing an arbitration clause, defendants appeal from a district court order denying their motion to dismiss the liquidators’ malpractice and related claims and to compel arbitration. Defendants contend the district court erred in: (1) finding the liquidators’ claims do not arise out of or relate to the work defendant performed for the insurance company pursuant to the parties’ agreement; and (2) misconstruing and applying provisions of the Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation, and Liquidation Act, Iowa Code chapter 507C, to contradict, supersede and reverse pre-empt defendant’s arbitration rights under the Federal Arbitration Act and the Supremacy Clause of the Federal Constitution.

Trial Court Case No.:


Doug Ommen and Dan Watkins


Milliman, Inc., Kimberley Hiemenz, and Michael Strum

Attorneys for the Appellee

Kevin J. Driscoll
John David Hilmes
Kirsten A. Byrd

Attorneys for the Appellant

Reid L. Ashinoff
Justin N. Kattan
Stephen H. Locher
Matthew C. McDermott
Christopher J. Jessen

Supreme Court

Oral Argument Schedule


Jan 23, 2020 9:00 AM


Supreme Court Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Apr 03, 2020
Date Amended:
Jun 10, 2020
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