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Case No. 18-1119

State of Iowa
James L. Mathias

James L. Mathias appeals from his conviction and sentence for carrying a weapon on a school ground in violation of Iowa Code section 724.4B following a jury trial. He argues: (1) the district court erred in denying his motion for judgment of acquittal because there was insufficient evidence to support that the Brady Street Stadium and parking lot were “grounds of a school” as required by Iowa Code section 724.4B; and (2) the district court erred by submitting an incorrect jury instruction that provided an improper definition of “grounds of a school,” resulting in misdirecting the jury on a material matter of law.

Trial Court Case No.:


State of Iowa


James L. Mathias

Attorney for the Appellee

Linda J. Hines

Attorney for the Appellant

Ashley Stewart

Supreme Court

Oral Argument Schedule


Sep 19, 2019 9:00 AM Iowa Supreme Court


Supreme Court Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Dec 06, 2019
Date Amended:
Feb 13, 2020
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