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Case No. 21-0657

State of Iowa
Deonte WB Ellison

Deonte WB Ellison appeals from the judgment and sentence entered, following a jury trial, for his conviction for voluntary manslaughter in violation of Iowa Code section 707.4(2020) and for his plea of guilty to a felon in possession of a firearm in violation of section 724.26(1). Ellison argues: (1) the district court erred by instructing the jury on “stand your ground” law in instructions 29 and 29A because Ellison was not asserting a “stand your ground” defense; and instruction 29, barring a justification defense if defendant as engaged in “illegal activity” should not have been included; and (2) instruction 32 prohibiting a defendant from intentionally destroying or concealing evidence should not have been included as it violates the federal and state constitutional right against self-incrimination.



State of Iowa


Deonte WB Ellison

Attorney for the Appellee

Darrel Mullins

Attorney for the Appellant

Shellie L. Knipfer

Supreme Court

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Sep 15, 2022 9:30 AM


Supreme Court Opinion

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Date Published:
Feb 03, 2023

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Date Retained:
Jun 01, 2022
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