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Case No. 21-1043

State of Iowa
Jeffrey Lee Stendrup

Defendant appeals from the district court judgment entered on his conviction of first-degree murder (felony murder) and first-degree robbery following a bench trial. See Iowa Code §§ 707.1, 707.2(1)(b), 711.1, 711.2 (2019). Defendant contends: (1) there was insufficient evidence his conduct caused the death of the decedent to support the murder conviction; (2) the murder conviction was otherwise contrary to the weight of the evidence; and (3) neither conviction was supported by sufficient evidence defendant had the specific intent to commit a theft.



State of Iowa


Jeffrey Lee Stendrup

Attorney for the Appellee

Kyle Hanson

Attorney for the Appellant

Gary Dickey

Supreme Court

Oral Argument Schedule


Sep 14, 2022 1:30 PM


Supreme Court Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Dec 22, 2022
Date Amended:
Mar 01, 2023

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Date Retained:
Jun 01, 2022
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