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Case No. 21-1092

Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission
Patrick Knueven and Mary Knueven

Defendants, owners of multiple rental properties, appeal from a district court judgment entered on a jury verdict finding defendant Patrick Knueven had engaged in housing discrimination based on religion or national origin. Defendants contend the district court erred: (1) by failing to grant a judgment notwithstanding of the verdict for insufficient evidence Patrick Knueven had engaged in the prohibited practice of “steering”; (2) by failing to properly instruct the jury on the elements of “steering”; (3) by allowing evidence of stale allegations of steering; (4) by prohibiting the defense from offering evidence of Patrick Knueven’s good character; (5) by allowing deposition testimony from an unrelated matter as impeachment evidence; and (6) in awarding plaintiff attorney fees where the Knuevens should have been the prevailing party.

Trial Court Case No.:


Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission


Patrick Knueven and Mary Knueven

Attorneys for the Appellee

Luke DeSmet
Michelle Mackel-Wiederanders

Attorneys for the Appellant

John F. Fatino
Nicholas J. Gral

Supreme Court

Oral Argument Schedule


Feb 21, 2023 9:00 AM


Supreme Court Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Apr 07, 2023

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Jun 01, 2022
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