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Case No. 22-0779

Nathan Daniel Olsen
State of Iowa

Nathan Olsen, a resident of Illinois who does not work or attend school in Iowa, seeks further review after the court of appeals affirmed the dismissal of his petition to modify his obligation to register with the Iowa Sex Offender Registry pursuant to Iowa Code section 692A.128. He argues prohibiting an out-of-state resident from modifying his registration status in Iowa violates the privileges and immunities clauses of the Iowa and federal constitutions.

Trial Court Case No.:


Nathan Daniel Olsen


State of Iowa

Attorney for the Applicant

Philip B. Mears

Attorney for the Resister

Thomas Ogden

Supreme Court

Oral Argument Schedule


Mar 20, 2024 1:30 PM


Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Nov 21, 2023

            Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Scott County, Tom Reidel, Judge.  AFFIRMED.  Heard by Bower, C.J., and Ahlers and Chicchelly, JJ.  Opinion by Chicchelly, J.  (7 pages)

            Nathan Olsen appeals the dismissal of an application to modify a requirement to register with the Iowa Sex Offender Registry.  OPINION HOLDS: Olsen is not required to register with the Iowa Sex Offender Registry because he does not live, work, or attend school in Iowa.  Until he does, there is no registration requirement for the court to modify.  Because Olsen’s application to modify the sex offender registration requirement is not ripe for review, we affirm its dismissal.

Other Information

Date Further Review is Granted:
Jan 22, 2024
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