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Case No. 22-1291

Sandra Selden
Des Moines Area Community College

Defendant community college appeals from a district court judgment entered on a jury verdict awarding plaintiff employee damages on her claims of sex-based wage discrimination and retaliation. See Iowa Code §§ 216.6, 216.6A. Defendant contends the court erred: (1) in denying defendant a directed verdict where the evidence established the wage differential between plaintiff and a male employee was based on legitimate factors other than sex; (2) in awarding treble damages in the absence of evidence establishing a willful violation; (3) in permitting plaintiff to pursue a claim based on a comparison of the starting salary pay-range percentage of two employees hired many years apart; (4) by admitting irrelevant and prejudicial evidence; (5) in concluding plaintiff’s section 216.6A claims were not subject to a 300-day limitations period; (6) in refusing to direct a verdict on plaintiff’s retaliatory failure-to-hire claim; and (7) by entering an award for back pay not supported by the evidence; and (8) by allowing an excessive award for emotional distress based on the retaliation claim. Plaintiff cross-appeals alleging the court erred by vacating the jury’s verdict for emotional distress damages based on the wage discrimination claim.

Trial Court Case No.:


Sandra Selden


Des Moines Area Community College

Attorneys for the Appellee

David Albrecht
Madison Fiedler-Carlson

Attorneys for the Appellant

Randall Armentrout
Katie Graham
Haley Hermanson

Supreme Court

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Dec 13, 2023 9:00 AM


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Feb 02, 2024

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May 30, 2023
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