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Case No. 22-1920

State of Iowa
Shannon Paige Hightower

Shannon Paige Hightower appeals following her guilty plea for dependent adult abuse in violation of Iowa Code section 235B.20(5), a class D felony and theft in the second degree in violation of section 714.2(2), a class D felony. She argues: (1) her guilty pleas were unknowing and involuntary; (2) the district court erred by considering and relying on an improper factor when it determined her sentences; (3) the district court erred when it failed to allow her the opportunity to withdraw her guilty plea; and (4)the district court abused its discretion in imposing a $17,000 cash-only appeal bond, and the provision of the court’s order forfeiting the appeal bond to be applied to victim restitution is illegal.

Black Hawk
Trial Court Case No.:


State of Iowa


Shannon Paige Hightower

Attorney for the Appellee

Timothy M. Hau

Attorney for the Appellant

Mary K. Conroy

Supreme Court

Oral Argument Schedule


Mar 21, 2024 9:00 AM


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Date Retained:
Jan 30, 2024
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