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Court proceedings in Iowa are open to the public. Since the Iowa Supreme Court adopted court rules for expanded news media coverage in 1979, Iowa’s courts have been open to audio and visual news media coverage. More recently, the supreme court amended the Expanded News Media Coverage (ENMC) rules to allow live electronic recording (Tweeting and blogging). In the decades since the first case was video recorded in 1980, thousands of judicial proceedings have been covered under the ENMC rules. Many people rely on the news media to keep them informed of the work of the courts. Therefore, it is imperative that courts collaborate with the media to enable coverage of court proceedings to the fullest extent possible without impinging the rights of litigants to a fair trial.

The menu on the left side of this page includes resources available on the website for journalists covering the courts, more detailed information on the court rules for covering the courts (ENMC), and current and archived news releases.


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