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Is there a difference between covering a district court trial in a county courthouse and covering an appellate court oral argument in the Judicial Branch Building?

There are more similarities than differences. The notification time is less for the appellate courts and there are fewer restrictions on the types of cases that can be covered and who can object to the coverage, but members of the news media using any electronic device are still required to:

  • Wear identification stating the person’s name and media affiliation
  • Have all equipment in place and ready to go at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start of the proceeding.
  • Operate the equipment from a fixed position only—news media personnel may not move about the courtroom or move in a way that distracts from the proceeding. The location will be approved by the chief justice or chief judge and Judicial Branch Communications Director.
  • Keep equipment in place until the court is adjourned.
  • Turn off cell phones and laptops, unless you have advanced permission to tweet, blog, or take electronic notes.
  • Wear proper attire and maintain proper decorum at all times while covering the proceeding.

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