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The ENMC rules allow members of the news media to use electronic devices like cell phones and tablets to text, blog, or Tweet real-time coverage of judicial proceedings, so long as they aren't distracting (25.4(4)(d)). Is there any limit on the number of such devices allowed in the courtroom?

No. However, a request to use such devices in the courtroom is now required to be filed with the court and all parties at least seven days in advance of the proceeding (25.3(2)). Journalists must file an ENMC request in advance of that deadline with the appropriate regional coordinator, who fills out the official notice and request form and distributes it. Journalists must contact the regional coordinator as soon as they know they want to cover a judicial proceeding, to ensure timely filing of a request. In addition, the judicial officer presiding over the proceeding can limit the number of electronic devices in the courtroom to avoid disruption.

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