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I see that the rules require that news media representatives participating in ENMC wear an ID that states the person’s name and media affiliation in the courtroom and identify themselves as a member of the news media when joining a court proceeding by video conference or teleconference. Will the court provide a photo ID? How do I identify myself on a conference call or video conference?

The Iowa Freedom of Information Council (IFOIC) is currently providing ENMC training throughout the state. Attendees will receive an Iowa FOI Council courtroom photo ID badge that will signify to court officials the person has completed this training. Contact the regional IFOIC Executive Director for information on the next training. It is the member of the news media's responsibility to wear a badge that is clearly visible to the judge and jury. When joining a court proceeding by videoconference, be sure to update your identification to include your media affiliation. If you are asked to identify yourself during a court proceeding by teleconference, state your name and media affiliation.

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