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New mediation requirement in family law cases to start March 1

The Iowa Judicial Branch website now has procedures that explain family law mediation and links to the required forms for each of the state’s eight judicial districts. The information is available following a July 2020 Iowa Supreme Court order requiring the judicial districts to establish or continue procedures for mandatory mediation or mandatory judicial settlement conferences in all family law cases where at least one party is represented by an attorney. The supreme court ordered that the district plans be implemented by March 1, 2021.

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Iowa Court of Appeals Reselects Bower as Chief Judge

The Iowa Court of Appeals has reselected Judge Thomas N. Bower, Cedar Falls, as chief judge. At the first meeting in each odd-numbered year, the judges of the court of appeals by majority vote designate one judge as chief judge, to serve for a two-year term. Chief Judge Bower has served on the court of appeals since 2012 and was first elected chief judge in 2019 when Chief Judge Gayle Nelson Vogel retired.

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Iowa Supreme Court Reselects Christensen as Chief Justice

The Iowa Supreme Court reselected Justice Susan Christensen, Harlan, as chief justice. At the first meeting in each odd-numbered year, the justices of the supreme court by majority vote shall designate one justice as chief justice, to serve for a two-year term. Chief Justice Christensen was first selected chief justice following the retirement of Acting Chief Justice David Wiggins in February 2020.

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Iowa Judicial Branch warns of a collection notice scam

Iowa clerks of courts are responding to people who have received collection notices that falsely claim to be from the Iowa Judicial Branch or a clerk of court.  The letters warn the individuals that if payments are not made to the 1-800 number on the notice, the person’s driver's license would be suspended and an arrest warrant may be issued. The public should be aware that these notices are a scam and are not from the Iowa Judicial Branch.

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Judge Anderson Named Chief Judge of Sixth Judicial District

Chief Justice Susan Christensen has appointed District Judge Lars G. Anderson, Iowa City, as chief judge of the Sixth Judicial District. Judge Anderson succeeds Chief Judge Patrick Grady who will retire December 31, 2020. Judge Anderson will begin the position of chief judge January 1, 2021.

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