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Notice of One-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Index for Calculation of Interest on Certain Judgments

September 8, 2022

This certification of the most recent one-year treasury constant maturity index published by the Federal Reserve in the H15 Report is distributed to the courts in conformance with Iowa Code Section 668.13(3). The average yield during the most recent month for securities included in the one-year treasury constant maturity index was 3.61 percent. This notice will be updated and distributed monthly.

There are three general categories of actions and applicable interest rates for actions filed before July 1, 1997 and one category for actions filed after that date. The following is intended to serve only as a guide. For the interest rate applicable in a specific case, parties should check the appropriate section of the Iowa Code.

Actions filed after July 1, 1997.
The one-year treasury constant maturity index rate plus two percent shall be the rate of interest on actions filed after July 1, 1997 (including actions filed pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 668). See 1997 Iowa Acts
H.F. 693 Sections 2, 14, 16 (amending Iowa Code Sections 535.3 and 668.13(3)). Exceptions remain for child support, spousal support, and medical payments. See Iowa Code section 535.3(2) and 1997 Iowa Acts. H.F. 693, Section 4.

Actions filed before July 1, 1997.
See Iowa Code sections 553.3 and 668.13(3) or contact an attorney.

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