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Iowa Judicial Branch Launches Interactive Court Forms for Divorce with No Children

January 21, 2020

The Iowa Judicial Branch is releasing the first group in a series of free interactive court forms designed to assist Iowans accessing the state court system without an attorney.  The online program offers users a question and answer process that results in the preparation of approved court forms to be used in legal proceedings.  The first case type now available is for persons seeking a divorce without minor or dependent adult children. The questionnaire is available from the Iowa Judicial Branch website and will assist users in preparing a petition for dissolution of marriage, an answer to a petition, financial affidavits, and a settlement agreement, among other documents that might be necessary to obtain a divorce that does not involve children.

The online process prepares court forms at no cost based on the user’s answers to easy step-by-step questions. The program provides helpful information about the divorce process to guide users along the way.  A user can create an account, save the answers, and complete the questionnaire from any computer or smartphone. Once the questionnaire is completed, the user can print, sign, and file the forms with the court.

“These new interactive online forms are a part of our continuing efforts to make justice more convenient and accessible to the citizens of Iowa.  We foresee the intuitive design and user-friendly nature of the questionnaires to be well received,” stated Todd Nuccio, State Court Administrator.

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