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Board of Law Examiners

The Iowa Board of Law Examiners, appointed by the Iowa Supreme Court, reviews the qualifications of applicants for admission to practice law in Iowa.  The board administers the Iowa Bar Examination and tests legal knowledge and skills of bar applicants. The board supervises the grading of the bar examination and recommends to the Supreme Court all applicants who pass the examination and who meet character and fitness requirements.

Board Members

The board consists of 5 lawyer members and 2 lay members.  The board composition must be gender balanced, see Iowa Code §69.16A, and the lawyer members must be engaged in the active practice of law.  See Iowa Code §602.10102.  Board members are appointed for three-year terms, and can serve no more than three terms or nine years, whichever is less.  See Iowa Code §602.10103. 

The board recommends replacement members to the Iowa Supreme Court.  Most recommendations come from the ranks of those people who have served as temporary graders of the bar examination. 

The current board members and their terms end:                                                                                       

Timothy J. Luce, attorney, Waterloo, chair - 6/30/26

Thomas A. Mayes, attorney, Des Moines, vice-chair - 06/30/27 

Christy R. Liss, attorney, Waterloo - 6/30/25

Darren Driscoll, attorney, Fort Dodge - 6/30/26          

Jessica L. Morton, attorney, Carroll - 6/30/27

Katherine Olsen, West Des Moines - 06/30/26

Robert Beattie, Treynor - 6/30/25

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