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If you are interested in becoming an Iowa attorney, then we welcome you to our bar. You'll likely want to start with the following webpages:

  • Those of you already licensed in another jurisdiction will find the following pages will be of use:

    • Pro Hac Vice Applications are for use when you are seeking temporary admission to Iowa's courts for a single matter;

    • International Legal Consultants are for those of you who are licensed overseas and wish to advise Iowans on your country's laws;

    • In-House Counsel Admission is something you need to do if you are a lawyer working as an employee for a non-legal services Iowa based employer; and

    • Admission on Motion is what you need to do if you are licensed in a different jurisdiction and want to "waive" in without taking the bar examination.

If you are already an Iowa attorney, then you have definitely come to the right place!

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