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The Iowa Board of Law Examiners oversees the process of admission to the bar of Iowa. The admission process covers those that are required to take an examination to gain admission as well as attorneys licensed from other jurisdictions who wish to practice in Iowa. Find out more about the bar examination in Iowa. If you are already licensed in another jurisdiction, learn how to become licensed in Iowa. Contact [email protected] if you have any other questions.

Court Rules Governing Admission and Practice

Chapter 31 of the Iowa Court Rules governs who may practice law in Iowa. Qualified persons seeking admission to the bar or authority to appear in an action in an Iowa court should refer to the following rules:

  • Rules 31.2-31.11. Admission by examination.
  • Rules 31.12-31.13. Admission without examination of a lawyer licensed to practice law in another state.
  • Rule 31.14. Admission pro hac vice
  • Rule 31.15. Permitted practice by a law student as part of an educational program approved by a law school and the court.
  • Rule 31.16. Registration of house counsel for a corporation, association, or other business, educational, or governmental entity engaged in business in Iowa.
  • Rule 31.18. Licensing and practice of foreign legal consultants.
  • Rule 31.19. Certification and pro bono participation of emeritus attorneys.

Iowa Court Rules, See Chapter 31 

Contact [email protected] for information about admission to the bar or more general information. 

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