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In-House Counsel Registration

Rule 31.16 provides for registration of persons who are not admitted to practice in Iowa, but who are admitted in another jurisdiction in the United States and maintain an office or other systematic and continuous presence in Iowa to practice as house counsel for a corporation or other entity.  See for the most current rules: Iowa Court Rules, See Rule 31.16.

Persons subject to registration should examine Rule 31.16 and prepare the registration packet contemplated by the rule.  The packet should include:

  • The affidavit specified in Rule 31.16(2)(h)
  • A personal affidavit mirroring the topics in the Rule 31.16(2)(h) affidavit
  • Documents proving admission to practice law and current good standing in all jurisdictions, United States and foreign, in which the lawyer is admitted to practice law.
  • A certificate from the disciplinary authority of each jurisdiction of admission detailing the attorney's disciplinary history.
  • The $800 registration fee specified in rule 31.16(2)(c). Make this check or money order for this fee payable to the “Iowa Board of Law Examiners.” 
  • The $200 Client Security assessment specified in rule 31.16(2)(d). Make your check or money order for this fee payable to “Client Security Commission.” 

NOTE: There are no form affidavits available for the house counsel process.  Applicants should tailor affidavits to the language provided in the rule.

Send or deliver your registration to:

Daniel Saar
Office of Professional Regulation
Judicial Branch Building, Second Floor
1111 East Court Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa  50319

After the applicant’s registration has been approved, he or she will receive an annual report form by personal delivery or mail from the Client Security Commission.  The form must be completed, signed and returned to the Client Security Commission within thirty (30) days of registration to avoid a late filing penalty.  The annual disciplinary fee prescribed by rule 31.16(3)(c)(1) and rule 39.5, which currently is $200.00, will be payable with this report form.  Registered lawyers will receive an annual report form from the Client Security Commission each year thereafter during their maximum five years of registered status, and will be required to timely file the report form and pay the annual disciplinary fee each year.

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