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Pro Hac Vice Applications

An out-of-state attorney desiring to appear pro hac vice in an Iowa case is required to access the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) / Supreme Court Commissions (SCC) website (Opens in New Window), submit certain personal information to fill pertinent fields in the lawyer database, and pay a fee of $250 that will be deposited in the Client Security Trust Fund. The registration and fee payment allow the attorney to apply to appear pro hac vice in Iowa cases, subject to the limits and requirements of Iowa Court Rule 31.14, for a period of up to five years from the date of registration. Attorneys who register and pay the fee appear in the SCC database with the status of "Pro Hac Vice." 

Registration is recorded with an expiration date of five years. Once that five year period has expired, the attorney is permitted to submit a new registration and fee payment and acquire a new five year period in which to make pro hac vice applications. All registrations - the first one with its expiration date, and any subsequent registrations with their expiration dates – are visible in the database to persons searching the pro hac vice registrations.
Tutorial for Pro Hac Vice Registration and Fee Payment (PDF)
Tutorial for Judges and Court Staff Regarding Pro Hac Vice (PDF)

Pro Hac Vice Application Forms (Rule 31.25)
Rule 31.25 – Form 1 (District Court) (PDF)
Rule 31.25 – Form 2 (Supreme Court) (PDF)
Rule 31.25 – Form 3 (Registration Statement for Lawyer Engaged in Temporary Practice Following Determination of Major Disaster) (PDF)

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