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The following information pertains only to attorneys currently in Exempt or Legacy Inactive status. If you wish to reinstate from suspension, revocation, or have voluntarily relinquished your license, you should contact the Office of Professional Regulation at (515) 348-4670. 

All reinstatements are processed in paper form. Do not submit reinstatement documents or reports using the online filing system.

Client Security Commission

To reinstate from exempt or legacy inactive status you must complete and return:

  1. the statement contemplated by Rules 39.8(1) and 39.11;
  2. the annual report form contemplated by Rules 39.8(1) and 39.11; and
  3. the following fees:
  • the annual fee for support of the disciplinary system (currently $200);
  • if you went inactive after the filing deadline for the year, a late fee (ranging from $25-$250 depending on the date you went inactive); and
  • depending on the year, either a regular assessment (currently $50) or a special assessment (currently $140 for full-time practitioners and $70 for part-time, corporate, or government practitioners).

Commission on Continuing Legal Education

Procedures and requirements for reinstatement with the Commission on CLE are contained in Rule 42.7. For reinstatement to active status with the Commission on CLE, you must complete and return:

  • the application for reinstatement;
  • a $100 reinstatement fee;
  • if you went inactive after the filing deadline for the year, a late fee (ranging from $25-$250 depending on the date you went inactive); and
  • a spreadsheet of any CLE activities you propose to use for credit

Three alternatives exist for reinstatement with CLE under Rule 42.7:

  1. Retake the bar examination.
  2. If you have been engaged in full-time practice in another state, show equivalent CLE for each inactive year.
  3. For each year you remained on inactive practice status,  attend 15 hours of accredited activities (up to a maximum of one hundred hours). The total hours must include three hours in the area of legal ethics for each two-year period commencing with the later of the effective date of this ethics requirement on January 15, 1988, or the biennium of your exemption grant, up to a maximum of ten hours.

You may attend an unlimited number of live, telephone, or live webcast events to satisfy the CLE requirement. As many as six hours per inactive year may be attended by webcast-on-demand format, up to a maximum of 42 hours. The legal ethics CLE requirement can also be satisfied by taking the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.

Documenting Your CLE

Provide a list of CLE courses in a spreadsheet format. Include the following information for each course:

  • Iowa's 6-digit Activity ID
  • course name
  • date of course
  • course type
  • general CLE hours attended*
  • ethics CLE hours attended*

Accredited CLE Events

Most CLE events conducted in Iowa or by national level CLE providers are submitted to our office for review and accreditation. A current list of events accredited in Iowa may be found at the Commission’s web page on the Internet:

If an event you attended or want to attend is not on this list, you may submit it for review using an accreditation request form. This form may be requested from the Office of Professional Regulation, (515) 348-4670.

Do not submit an event for accreditation if it already has been reviewed by our office and approved for credit.

*Under Commission regulations, one clock hour means sixty minutes of actual educational activity. Time spent for welcoming remarks, administration sessions, refreshment breaks, lunches or similar recesses is excluded.  

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