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Can I receive CLE credit for programs at which I am a presenter?

Yes.  If you present at a program, you may claim credit for the event in the same manner as if you were an audience member, as long as the program is accredited.  Additionally, you may claim one hour of preparation credit for each hour of accredited continuing legal education for which you prepare written materials and present, up to a maximum of 3 hours per calendar year.  Preparation credit counts against the regular attendance requirement of fifteen hours per calendar year, but not against the attendance requirement for legal ethics.  Hours of preparation credit in excess of 3 do not carry over to a subsequent year. 

Preparation credit may not be claimed if:

  • you prepare written materials but do not make the presentation or serve on a panel of speakers;

  • make a presentation or serve on a panel of speakers but do not prepare written materials;

  • prepare a course directed primarily to persons preparing for admission to practice law;

  • or if you receive compensation, other than reasonable expenses, for preparing or presenting the continuing legal education.

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