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Request for Certificate of Good Standing or Similar Document

The Clerk of the Supreme Court can provide you with a certificate of good standing, however there is a fee of $10. Request a certificate.

Lawyer Change of Name and New Law License

There are two separate aspects of a lawyer change of name. First, to change the name in the OPR database, we require a copy of the official document that effected the change in name, such as the marriage license, divorce decree, change of name decree. Once we have that document to place on file, we will make the necessary name change in the OPR database. There is no charge for this service. After the name change has been recorded in the database, a new law license needs to be issued showing the new name. There is a $25 charge for issuing a new law license showing the changed (new) name.

To get this process started, you should send us a letter describing the new name you want to be licensed under. You should enclose with the letter a copy of the official document that effected the name change, and your check in the amount of $25 made out to the Office of Professional Regulation for reissue of your license.

How to Give Notice of Termination of House Counsel Status

Your authority for this situation is at Iowa Court Rules 31.16(2)(e)(7) and 31.16(3)(c)(3). You and the company would just need to write us at OPR and advise us of the date your employment in a house counsel position will be ending or has ended. This could be done in one combined letter, if you wanted to handle it that way. Once we have that letter, we will change your status in the lawyer registry.

Practice in Iowa Through Out-of State Firms (by Lawyers Licensed Here)

Make sure your law firm letterhead and other publications accurately represent your license status in each of the states you list as being eligible to practice in. Other than that. there are no special requirements with the Office of Professional Regulation or the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court licenses individual lawyers, and does not license or register law firms. Depending on the nature of the business form or entity you have used for your law firm, there may be registration or other requirements under the Iowa Code to do business in Iowa, or to do business under a trade name, that are not unique to lawyers. We don't offer any advice on those matters, but you should do your own research or seek advice from an Iowa practitioner as to them.

About Bar Numbers

Iowa does not issue bar numbers, per se. The commission ID number is an internal organizational tool used by the Office of Professional Regulation, and is not intended for use outside the office. The closest we have to a bar number is your AT pin, used on filings in district courts. If you must provide a bar number for some purpose, the AT pin probably is the best choice.

About Exempt Status

An Iowa-licensed attorney who does not in fact practice law in Iowa may apply for a certificate of exemption from CLE attendance, reporting and fee payment requirements pursuant to Iowa Court Rule 41.7 and a certificate of exemption from client security reporting and fee payment requirements pursuant to Iowa Court Rule 39.7. It is permissible to apply for exemption for purposes of one commission, but not the other. An application for exempt status may be filed by accessing your lawyer account page and selecting the menu item "Apply for Certificate of Exemption."

A lawyer issued a certificate of exemption from either or both commissions may not practice law in Iowa until reinstated. The practice of law as used in this context includes the examination of abstracts, consummation of real estate transactions, preparation of legal briefs, deeds, buy and sell agreements, contracts, wills and tax returns as well as the representation of others in any Iowa courts, the right to represent others in any Iowa courts, or to regularly prepare legal instruments, secure legal rights, advise others as to their legal rights or the effect of contemplated actions upon their legal rights, or to hold oneself out to so do; or to be a judge or one who rules upon the legal rights of others unless the state nor federal law requires the person so judging or ruling to hold a license to practice law.

Reinstatement from exemption generally requires payment of current fees, the filing of current report forms, and in the case of CLE, showing satisfaction of the continuing legal education requirements the lawyer would have performed had he or she remained active during the period of exemption. Further information regarding reinstatement is available at Iowa Court Rules 42.7 and 39.7.

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