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Lawyer Change of Name and New Law License

There are two separate aspects of a lawyer change of name. First, to change the name in the OPR database, we require a copy of the official document that effected the change in name, such as the marriage license, divorce decree, change of name decree. Once we have that document to place on file, we will make the necessary name change in the OPR database. There is no charge for this service. After the name change has been recorded in the database, a new law license needs to be issued showing the new name. There is a $25 charge for issuing a new law license showing the changed (new) name.

To get this process started, you should send us a letter describing the new name you want to be licensed under. You should enclose with the letter a copy of the official document that effected the name change, and your check in the amount of $25 made out to the Office of Professional Regulation for reissue of your license.

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