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Need an Extension of Time to Complete CLE Requirements

Iowa Court Rule 42.5 authorizes the Commission on Continuing Legal Education to grant waivers of minimum regular CLE requirements or extensions of time in which to fulfill the requirements and file required reports. You may request an extension of time by using the menu item “File for Regular CLE Extension” on your lawyer account page. The Commission does grant extensions of time when circumstances warrant, but generally does not grant outright waivers of the requirements. You must provide a statement of the hardship or extenuating circumstances upon which your application is based, and a statement of the relief you are seeking. The maximum possible extension the Commission may grant is six months beyond the end of the period during which the required CLE should have been completed. There is no extension fee if the request is submitted on or before January 15th following the calendar year in which the CLE should have been completed. A $25 extension fee is payable with any regular CLE extension request submitted after January 15th following the year in which the CLE should have been completed.

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