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What does "IOLTA" stand for?

IOLTA stands for “Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts.” It is an integral part of the legal profession’s effort to support equal access to the justice system. Most Iowa lawyers use a “pooled” trust account, in which all of their clients’ funds are kept. Keeping track of the interest earned on the funds for each client would be a Herculean task, so instead the interest from the pooled account is sent to Iowa’s Lawyers Trust Account Commission on a monthly or quarterly basis. The interest which is remitted is combined with that from all other lawyers’ trust accounts in Iowa and distributed by the Iowa Supreme Court on an annual basis as part of the IOLTA grant process. Last year the Court distributed almost a quarter of a million dollars to tax-exempt law-related charitable and educational entities across the State of Iowa. Many of these entities provide legal services to low-income Iowans with civil legal problems. Since the inception of the program in Iowa back in 1985, Iowa’s lawyers and financial institutions have worked together to contribute more than $24,200,000 in funding.

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