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Programs Used On This Website

For your convenience, the Iowa Judicial Branch offers links to programs that may enhance your browsing experience. The Iowa Judicial Branch does not directly endorse these programs, or accept any responsibility for their operation.

The links will lead you off the Iowa Judicial Branch website. To return, simply press the back button on your navigation bar.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Allows users to view and print Adobe PDF format files.

Real Player Basic


The Iowa Judicial Branch takes seriously the accessibility of our website to persons with disabilities.  According to statistics cited by the Iowa Department for the Blind, approximately 8% of all internet uses have some form of disability that affects their browsing. Agencies need to meet certain accessibility guidelines on their websites. Therefore, we have added the following features to our website:

  • Alternate text descriptions of imagesthis allows users accessing the site with a screen reader a better understanding of the layout of the page.

  • Text-based browsinggraphics are used, but the bulk of the meaning of each page is conveyed by simple text.

  • Large type, high-contrast pagesto accommodate low-vision users.

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